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Tree Trimming & Pruning

Trimming is done for a number of reasons. Canopy raising is the removal of lower branches which allows more sunlight to get to the grass and makes your house more visible (which increases safety and curb appeal). Thinning is done to allow more sunlight to flow through the tree and also allows wind to flow through (which decreases the chances of your tree being damaged in a storm). Deadwood removal is done for the health of the tree and also for your safety. Selective branch removal is the removal of a certain branch that is causing you problems.

Improper pruning can cause damage that will last for the life of the tree, or worse, shorten the trees life.Urban environments are not as condusive to a tree's health as forest conditions. Our Trees coexist with other landscape plantings. Proper pruning and care with an understanding of the trees biological needs will add life to your trees and value to your property.

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Why you should trim your trees.

Professional pruning, especially of large shade trees, is important to the health of the tree and can greatly extend its life. If the pruning is not properly done, the tree can be stressed, damaged, or permanently injured. Proper pruning methods are determined by the tree species, its growth pattern, and of course by it size. Your Texas Tree Guy will have a reason for every branch pruned.

Forestry studies show that trees increase their growth rate when properly pruned. If trees are to remain healthy, they must grow. Growing trees will produce more leaves to produce more photosynthate. They heal over and compartmentalize decay, and develop a vigorous defense system to fight off insect and pathogen attacks, and are much more tolerant of environmental stresses such as drought and cold.

A correctly pruned tree is safer. When correctly thinned by your Texas Tree Guy, wind will blow through your tree instead of pounding against it. Such pruning will help reduce limb breakage in storms.

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