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Tree Trimming & Pruning

The right shape and maintenance of your trees can make a huge difference in the curb appeal and value of your home. Trimming the lower branches of your trees as they grow can raise the canopy making your property more visible, while thinning allows natural light through the foliage to be enjoyed in the yard or inside.

Strategic removal of overhanging branches and dead wood can eliminate the risk of storm damage to your windows, roof, and vehicles.

Our team can help you choose trees that will thrive in your particular environment and coexist with other features of your property, making great complements to your existing landscape elements to maximize the life of your foliage and aesthetic value.

Tree Removal

Sometimes the need to remove a tree from your property becomes necessary, and extraction can be a more complicated process than it looks on the surface. The older and larger the tree the deeper and more complex the root structure becomes below the ground.
Be on the lookout for these potential tree hazards:

  • Large dead branches on the tree
  • Large dead branches hanging from the tree
  • Cavities of rotten wood within the tree trunk or in various branches
  • Fallen branches on the ground
  • A leaning tree Branches clustered from one point on a tree trunk
  • Premature coloring of leaves
  • A heavily pruned and topped tree

Our certified arborists can help you determine if you need to remove, a tree and strategically remove your tree with special attention to ensure that you don’t incur foundational damage to the surface of your lawn. Things we look for include: large dead branches, split or hanging branches, fallen branches, overly pruned treetops and potential fall hazards. We are also equipped to handle difficult removal issues like entanglement with other plants, and more.

All debris is hauled off to a beneficial reuse center where it is recycled into mulch.

Tree Cabling & Bracing

Saplings and weak trees sometimes need support in order to grow healthful and strong as well as aesthetically pleasing. Ask one of our arborists about setting up an appropriate cable or brace to support your tree. Our recommendation is that you have your trees’ support systems inspected yearly to determine if additional support is needed or your tree has grown strong enough to remove the cable or brace.

Stump Grinding

Untended tree stumps can detract from the aesthetics of your yard, as well as continue to grow roots close to the surface of the lawn that can become a trip and fall hazard, as well as cause damage to your mower. Our arborists can extract remove even the trickiest of stumps and prepare the waste for removal.

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